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Cream Cheese And Smoked Salmon Spaghetti

   As you guys probably heard from my posts on Facebook my oven broke so in the meantime it's pan cooked meals for us. But that doesn't mean that we are missing on really good meals. Today I share with you this pasta recipe which is amazing and super easy to make.


   - 100 g spaghetti
   - 280 g light cream cheese
   - 200 g smoked salmon
   - a good pinch of chopped dill
   - a little crispy fried bacon for texture

     Cook the spaghetti as directed on the back of the pack. When cooked drain the pasta and place in a spacious frying pan. Add the cream cheese mixing until the pasta is well coated with the cream cheese sauce. Leave to heat through for 2-3 minutes then take off the heat and add the dill, smoked salmon and a pinch of salt and pepper. At the end sprinkle the crispy bacon and serve hot.


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