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Homemade Chocolate With Nuts

       I remembered yesterday about this recipe and realized that I haven't had homemade chocolate since I was a child. I have made something similar, Chocolate Toothpaste ,but nothing compares to this recipe.

   - 250 g powdered milk
   - 250 g sugar
   - 200 g butter
   - 50 g cocoa
   - 150 g water
   - 100 g mixed nuts

        Boil the sugar and water until the sugar melts and you get a glossy syrup.

        Add the butter to the syrup ad mix well until it melts.

        Take the pan off the heat and add the powdered milk and cocoa. Mix everything together.

        Line a tray with greaseproof paper and pour in the chocolate mixture.

        Sprinkle the nuts (I used a few mini marshmallows too) and push them into the mixture using a fork or a cocktail stick

        Put it in the fridge until the chocolate sets (I left it until the next day) cut it in squares and its ready to serve.


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