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Lettuce And Bacon Soup With Omelette

        This is a romanian soup recipe, made mainly in Transilvania. All Romanians love their soup we have a saying: there's no meal without soup. I haven't had this one before but after trying this recipe it will stay on my family menu from now on.

   - 1 lettuce
   - 2 eggs
   - 100 g bacon
   - 150 g sour cream
   - 150 g yogurt
   - 1 garlic clove
   - 1 vegetable cube stock
   - 1 tbsp white vinegar (the romanians use borsh but it will turn up as delicious with vinegar)
   - salt and pepper

                Cut the bacon in thin slices and fry them in a bit of oil.

                    Wash the lettuce then cut it in to thin slices.

     When the bacon starts to change color add the lettuce and mix well.

        When the lettuce is soft add water (depending on how much soup you want to make) and leave it to simmer until the salad is boiled.

        When the soup starts to boil add the vegetable stock cube and the vinegar. Add more salt and pepper if needed.

        In the meantime make the omelette from 1 egg and the egg white from the other egg (save 1 egg yolk for the soup). Then add salt and pepper.

        When the lettuce is boiled, take the pot off the heat, mix the egg yolk with the crushed garlic, yogurt and sour cream. Leave the soup to cool down a bit and then add the yogurt mixture making sure everything is stirred well.

        At the end cut the omelette in thin slices and add it to the soup.

                            And the result looks like this.


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