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Chocolate Muffins

        It's been a week since I've last made something sweet and because Sunday was a rainy day and I didn't have a lot to do I thought I'll make a delicious dessert. Looking through the cupboards I realised we have quite a lot of chocolate and since I prefer my chocolate in cakes I've decided to make these incredibly delicious muffins.

   - 250g self raising flour
   - 2tbsp cocoa
   - 2tsp baking powder
   - 175g caster sugar
   - 175ml milk
   - 2 big eggs
   - 100ml oil
   - one chocolate bar
   - 2tsp vanilla flavoring

        Mix the flour with the cocoa, baking powder and caster sugar.

        Add the oil the milk and vanilla  then fold it in with a wooden spoon until it forms a soft dough.

        Beat the eggs and mix with the dough until you get a creamy fluffy mixture.

        Crush the chocolate in small pieces or cut them with a knife and add them to the muffin  mixture.

        Put the paper cases into the muffin tray and spoon the chocolate mixture into them.

        Bake them in a preheated oven at 170ºC (375ºF, gas mark 5) for 20 minutes or until brown and fluffy.

        Leave to cool down for about 5 minutes then place them on a wire rack and leave until cold. You can serve as they are or with a chocolate or icing topping.


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