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Biscuits And Banana Cake

   - 300g digestive biscuits(if you want to use rich tea biscuits you need 150g)
   - 125g butter
   - 50g chocolate
   - 2 tbsp cocoa
   - 2 tbsp caster sugar
   - 5 marshmallows cut in 4
   - 1 mug water
   - vanilla flavoring
   - 2 tbsp descartes coconut
   - 1 tbsp vanilla sugar
   - 2 bananas(I only had one so I split it in half)

        Put the biscuits in a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin then put them in a big bowl.

        In a pan put the water, caster sugar, chocolate, cocoa and the flavoring and then put it on a low heat until the chocolate melts. Leave it to cool down.

        Pour the chocolate mixture and half of the butter on top of the biscuits, cut the marshmallows and mix them with the biscuits.

                    In a separate bowl mix the butter coconut and vanilla sugar.

                             Spread the biscuits mixture on some clingfilm.

                On top of the biscuits spread the butter and coconut cream.

        Peel the bananas and put them on one the edge of the mixture and roll everything together, wrap it with the clingfilm and tie it at both ends.

        Put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours(I left it over night) then take it out of the foil and sprinkle some coconut all over.


                                    Cut it in slices and it is ready to serve.

              Please leave me a comment if you like this recipe.

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