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Chocolate Toothpaste

Because last week-end was Mother's day, I've decided to make this recipe for my Fiancee's Mum. It is her favorite recipe. And this is the result, I even got a slice.

   - 230 g dried powder milk
   - 70g butter
   - 150g caster sugar
   - 20g hot chocolate powder
   - 20g cocoa
   -  150ml warm water
   - a medium sweet pastry case(or two small ones)

                   In a bowl mix the butter with the caster sugar until smooth.

     On top of this cream add the hot chocolate powder and cocoa, then mix everything together.

In a separate bowl mix the dried powder milk and the water, then add the cocoa mixture.

                      Pour the cream in the pastry case and put it in the fridge over night.

                                   Cut the cake in slices and it's ready to serve.


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