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Sausage Rolls

     We prepare this recipe often as it's my husband's favorite, so last night he decided to show me he can cook as well. 

   - 250g puff pastry
   - 300g sausage meat
   - one egg or 2-3 tbsp of milk

               Put the meat in a bowl and mix it together.

 Sprinkle some flour on a smooth surface and then put the puff pastry sheet down.

      Sprinkle some flour on top of the pastry, then take a bit of the meat put it at one end of the pastry and roll it until it looks like a sausage.

      Pull the pastry on top of the meat, and press it a bit using your finger. Brush with some milk for the pastry to stick. Cut the roll from the rest of the pastry.

     Do the same thing with all the meat and the pastry. When you are done cut the rolls in 1.5 - 2.00cm slices and brush them with some milk or a beaten egg.

 Butter a baking tray or use some grease proof paper and put the rolls on the tray.

  Put them in the oven at 220°C/425°F/gas 7 for 20-25 minutes.

       When the pastry is golden take them out of the oven and they are ready to serve.


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