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   - 3 eggs
   - 250g milk or sparkling  water
   - a mug of flour
   - a tbsp of sugar
   - a tsp of baking powder
   - jam (I sometimes use chocolate or honey)

      Put the eggs, milk, a pinch of salt and the tbsp of sugar in a bowl and mix everything together until you'll see bubbles on the surface. My Mum used sparkling water instead of milk because it makes the pancakes more fluffy, but if you do that don't use baking powder.

   Mix the baking powder with a few drops of white vinegar or lemon and add it to the eggs.

           Put the flour on top of the eggs and mix everything together.

       When the flour and eggs are mixed together, put a pan with a little bit of oil on a low heat(I use a tsp to add the oil after each pancake to be sure I don't use a lot). When the pan is hot add from the egg mixture until the bottom of the pan is covered.

      When the pancake starts coming off the edges of the pan it's time to turn it over. After it's done put it on a plate and spread a tbsp of jam on it.

                                     Roll the pancake or fold it in four.

       If you prepared this recipe and you like it I would like to  hear your opinion.                                                                        ENJOY!!!!

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