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Healthy Breakfast

     Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it is good to make it healthy, but most importantly don't skip it. Today I thought I'd post some ideas of what to have at breakfast.
   I prefer a cup of black coffee with a croissant.

       If you prefer something more substantial, an omlette is the perfect choice and it's easy to make. For this recipe you will need 2 eggs milk salt and pepper, I like to have in my omlett some dill, bacon, cheese, spinach or pepper... maybe not all at once. To prepare it you need to beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper, add a few tbsp of milk and the rest of the chopped ingredients and mix everything together. Fry the omlette in a pan with a bit of oil. I don't really like fried food in the morning so I put my omlette in a pan that I can put in the oven and leave it to cook on low heat. 

     Most of us prefer something already made and tasty so I would suggest some cereal with milk or yogurt.

                             Porridge is another delicious idea.

      For those of you who prefer a full english fry-up you have your hands full. To make this you will need bacon, sausages, an egg, mushrooms, beans and if you want a tomato. If you want to reduce the calories for this meal I would suggest to put the sausage in the oven with the mushrooms, and grill the bacon.
            If you  have any other ideas for breakfast you can leave me a comment and I'll post it.

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